Boys (Finally)

I've finally scanned in my entire boys series, my final hand in was today- Friday 13th. Oooh These scans are from the hand prints I had done. So glad to have them finally done! But it kinda feels weird seen as I've been working on it FOREVER.


So, just been to pick up my FMP Boys prints.. They look great! Mostly anyway... A couple are too dark, so they need to be reprinted- hopefully my printer has the time before my deadline on Friday. But for now here are some (really bad) cameraphone pics of the prints. I'll be scanning them in on Wednesday and will post them up properly then.
*Note to self, shiny acetate sleeves do not photograph well.


So I'm developing and scanning all night before going to the printer tomorrow morning. A long night ahead... Here's a random shot of Phillip I took earlier today.

So Many Hours For One Second
- Sarah Moon