An old scan of Jamie sleeping...cute. there's something I miss about shooting with my old Bronica- since I got my Pentax everything's s crisp and nice. Sometimes a little grey and softness is good too.



Another shot in my Boys series for uni, I'm trying to keep the shoot very simple and purely concentrated on the boys- this is my favourite from the series so far. Not sure if it comes across online, but the light was really beautiful. Once they're printed properly this will look amazing (hopefully)

Contributor Magazine

Photographer: Me
Model: Jack Royle






My new found love for menswear mixed with my black and white obsession. Part of my 'Boys' series, but taken digitally and published online on Contributor Magazine. Contributor is one of my favourite places to go for inspiration, they show amazing new photographers and there are always editorials on there which inspire me, so it's great that one of my shoots is up there now.

Jamie 0021


A quick portrait of Jamie to test my new Capture One


Tests of Patrick @ Models1
Stylist: Holly Woodcock



A couple of shot for my Boys series for my fmp at uni.

bones and insides

I went to the Grant Museum of Zoology (at UCL) today- soo many things I want to own.

Baby Flying Squirrel

I can't remember what this is- some kind of Monkey...

Inside a rat

Puppy skulls

England 2010

I took these photos sometime last year when England were playing in some sort of football championship and EVERYONE in Bethnal Green got all we're-proud-of-our-country-and-are-going-to-hang-a-flag-out-the-window. Finally scanned them in now- they we're taken with a Diana so I didn't really think they'd work but they look nice and old in a strange greyscale type way..

To the Sea

My shoot up on http://asyouaremagazine.com
(Click on images for enlargements)

Photography: Me
Photography Assistant: Marsy Hild
Styling: Holly Woodcock
Makeup: Chanel Sellears
Model: Anastasia Ivanova

Casey Weldon

I came across this amazing artist on the ilovefake blog. The colours are incredible and the expression of the girl in the top painting is perfect. Beautiful.